lost on the way

Design by bluemagenta

lost on the way by bluemagenta on Threadless
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It's very busy, but I love the girl and the bird. You have a really nice style.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Tim Burton-esque. Which isn't a bad thing.


i love it on grean and hate it on khaki - i guess that just goes to show im bipolar. I like all the dots, its not too busy but very ... 'peppy'


I like the design's style and
how the girl has ended up
getting lost in love, but that
huge tie with her dress is
messing it all up for me.
Is there a good reason for
Gretel to be wearing a tie?


to bluemagenta :

Nice answer about the tie

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

nice art, i'd like it smaller 4


If the design itself were small enough to fit in 13x13 (or smaller), as you've said it is -- like if it was just on the chest, and not all over the whole shirt -- I think maybe it wouldn't be too busy. The dots would be much more subtle.

Anyway, I still love it. And I prefer the khaki (pink and blue).


NICE!! love Green!! 5!!


I love it with just the bird and the trail of dots, especially on the grey ... anyone else? What else could that neat-o bird be picking up? ... skittles? I love skittles ... I have two birds and they always try to pick up my skittles ...

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