Lost in Space

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Lost in Space by pandyora on Threadless
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the red part on the left kinda looks like texas


I like it, for all the reasons you stated (cept pandas, pandas can do whatever they want, even be an overused design cliche in my opinion:). I suppose it's not good to say "on the down side" probably would't been better if you just said you were working on a rounded version too or something. Anyway, good work but colors to me not my bag or red is too thick /too much or something.

chisafer profile pic Alumni

where's space when you need him? I mean there's a shirt for him and everything.


I like the linework, but not the cookie-cutter stars. The stars on the right look especially unnatural; are we time-warping?


he's not really apologizing, just explaining. apologizing around threadless is going "I know it sucks, but...."


new color for the city and $5, especially if it's on navy (and i does look a bit like texas...)


Yeah, is there a reason it looks like Texas?


Texas in Space.

.onion profile pic Alumni

bad colors

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