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ekaj47 profile pic Artist

wowzers look over there!

she may or may not have some sort of super power and the dog may or may not be the smartest mathematical thinker in the world

waterbase inks for that nice soft feel

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

wowzers!! it's cool stuff love the colors and the dog


she has no eyes! freaky. hard for here to actually look in that direction. other than that, the art is fantastic. love it!


i looked! lol @ reflexes and interactive shirts.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

love this one

Ava Adore

very cool, nice style!


it appears she is trying to distract others from
the sound waves emanating from her butt


Euphoric Peppermint, i had the same feeling as you, haha... We noticed the same thing, lol.
Anyway, I like the colour techq,. Its background is gorgeous, the dog is wonderful! Brovo!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

ridiculous score there - deserved much better

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