Look Ma! I\'m multi-lingual!

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Look Ma! I\'m multi-lingual! by Squigs on Threadless
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they ALL say what the top line says... only in different languages.
(im 95% sure this is the case)
anyhoo, 5$


funny idea!
but dont like the font or the colors. change them, and I definitely buy it!


XD What the hell do you speak then?


lose the 'e' at the end of deutsch...


Man that Japanese is messed up.

DracoImagem.com profile pic Alumni

Em português correto - "Desulpe-me, não falo português."


I agree, you should fix the translations and add more :) Other than that, it's awesome and I'd buy it!

Squigs profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments, I knew there'd be problems with the translations as I used babelfish for them, apart from French and German (the 'e' on deutsch was a typo on my part).


$5... if it were monochromatic and not as spaced out.

chronically bizarre

your german is way off, try making sure your translations are grammatically correct before you submit shirts like this

chronically bizarre

it's "Entschuldigen Sie, ich spreche kein Deutsch"


I believe "lo siento" means "I feel" in Spanish, but is normally translated into "I'm sorry."
... why am I going on like everyone else?

Get some help with native speakers and you'll have yourself an interesting shirt. One that's correct too. ^^

Squigs profile pic Artist

As I said before, I knew the translations would probably be off, but I thought the irony of it all would negate that fact. The German being 'way off' is a surprise though, as it was given to me by a native speaker (I did manage my own typo I admit). Again, thanks for the comments.



Dutch Dutch Dutch:
Sorry, ik spreek geen Nederlands



but yes do something about the colors or something,
it's not totally right like this, looks a bit cheap


pero que chingados es apesadumbrado, quien madres te dijo eso


great idea bad executionm...sad part is some lam,o is going to copy ur design and fix the font and reenter it... to the creator: next time u have a great idea makesure u can exucuta it right before showing gecause of fake artist wo tend to steal ideas...



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