Look! I'm a guitar.

Design by Driveontome

Look! I'm a guitar. by Driveontome on Threadless
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The fretboard continues up to the corner of the left shoulder/sleeve seam.
You can wear this shirt and fill awkward silences by playing yourself.


Ha I am in love with this design.
And the title was just perfect.

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Look! this has been done a zillion and one times before!


no one wants to be a guitar anymore!!!! or anything! just a shirt with a cool design is good enough.

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I know there are a billion guitar designs out there, but I have yet to see one like mine that's been printed. I'm seeing all these really detailed and complex t-shirts coming out that you have to look at up close to understand; I'd like to take it back to something simple you can make sense of from any distance.
Thanks for the comments, everyone, keep 'em coming!


This is actually cool. ;)

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