Look! I'm a guitar.

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Look! I'm a guitar. by Driveontome on Threadless
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Driveontome profile pic Artist

The fretboard continues up to the corner of the left shoulder/sleeve seam.
You can wear this shirt and fill awkward silences by playing yourself.


Ha I am in love with this design.
And the title was just perfect.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Look! this has been done a zillion and one times before!


no one wants to be a guitar anymore!!!! or anything! just a shirt with a cool design is good enough.

Driveontome profile pic Artist

I know there are a billion guitar designs out there, but I have yet to see one like mine that's been printed. I'm seeing all these really detailed and complex t-shirts coming out that you have to look at up close to understand; I'd like to take it back to something simple you can make sense of from any distance.
Thanks for the comments, everyone, keep 'em coming!

wallstreet profile pic Alumni

This is actually cool. ;)

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