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Thanks! I probably should've left this concept on the drawing board a little longer, but I was tired of looking at it...


Sweeeet glow. I'd like it a bit smaller.


something's a little strange about the pinky, but other than that... kind cool.


Amazing Escher-ish neon wonderland! No need to make it smaller.....5$

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That's what I'm hoping for if it gets printed. I know it looks plain jane in my design, but I'm really going for something simple yet stunning at the same time. Let's just hope the rest of the voters agree but seeing as how my design isn't nearly up to par with some amazing concepts on this site ending in the 2.3 - 2.5 range, I won't get my hopes too high.


With the different inks, it looks like a really cool shirt.


lookin good

Monkey X

It would make a great shirt

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