Long John Kennedy

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I love it when people complain about things like the "placement of the jelly." "Uh oh! The jelly looks like blood!" Hello? I'm sure the designer knows that and probably did it on purpose.

But what do I know? Maybe it was an accident.


Why do all these shirt designs look like wangs to me? Is there something wrong with my head? :C :C :C

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wish the crappy type face you used was turned into choclate, so the choclate icing would say "ich bin ein berliner".... then I would consider buying it.

none-the-less, very wacky and interesting

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maybe I should rephrase that, "incorporated into the chocolate."

maybe even a verbage bubble would have worked. right now that type needs to be burned at the stake.


looks more like a hot-dog??


good work
but so incredibly sick and twisted.



A common urban legend falsely asserts that Kennedy made an embarrassing grammatical error by saying "Ich bin ein Berliner," referring to himself not as a citizen of Berlin, but as a common pastry.

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