Lonely Lighthouse Keeper

Design by Glennz


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how do you kick so much ass? the way you use the colors is so damn impressive. i like this one! 5


it's kind of hard to read that as a lighthouse - even with the cap and pipe - but adding length to the tower would be a bit akward with the image centered - maybe if you moved it to one side


is that E.A.R.L.?

with an imaginary space coyote?
"find your soulmate..."

great design!


i thought he was holding a dog too


I found the whole concept
real easy to pick up.

I like ruda's suggestion to add some
length to the lighthouse and I liked
carrifaery's suggestion of having
the shadow projected on a nearby
cloud. We could be looking at the
back of the lighthouse caretaker
with his arms sideways. And
nearby would be a huge shadow
of a dog head on a cloud.


It's his design, and i like it the way he designed it. Solid man, solid.

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haha, great idea!

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Love the shirt, long live shadow puppets!

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The way you worked the lights & darks are supurb.
I would like to see more length to the lighthouse, including the stones. It would ass more definition and power to the main part of your design/

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It would 'ass' more definition would it mezo? Now that's something I'd like to see Glennz!

5 of course.

Big Ed

Love it, very clever. 5

Monkey II
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When I first glanced at this, I thought he was reading a newspaper. It took me a while to get the shadow-puppet thing... I actually prefer this design without its "punch line," but I think I'm in the minority on that one.


man i thought it was a real dog and from the title gathered that a certain amount of intimacy was about to take place between pet and lonely owner. i now feel a tad dirty and indeed dim...think i need me a lighthouse


I love this... but I'd like to see different placement and have the lighthouse extend down and fade. 5$, but here's the thing...

Only if the placement is on the back shoulder and the rest of the lighthouse is fixed....


PS... for all of you talking about how the guy is too big compared to the railing, lighthouse, etc., remember that it's a projection of the keeper's shadow onto the glass, which would explain the fact that he's larger than he should be.


good, add some length to the lighthouse though 5$

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