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Loading tee layout by bbenvegnu on Threadless
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Mazy, you're probably thinking of "human loading," a printed design.

Cute idea, though I almost wish there was an hourglass or something else in addition.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I have a slogan like this but I already deleted it:

Please wait, text loading...


honestly dude, it has a good concept, but I think it is not enough for me to want to spend $15 on. but of course, only time will tell.


cool! But I think it would work better if you incorporated some of the explanatory text into the actual design.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

technically speaking your design is a touch too wide.


So, we are to assume bandwidth is still an issue in the future?

I DO, however like the design a lot!

She Says So

pretty cool concept. 3


Excellent. Put it on black and I'd probably have to cave and buy.


I am so awesome that I totally tried to reload this page three times before I figured out that it was the fricking design. And now I want to buy one.


cool! i wouldn't wear it, but it's a great idea...

has anyone else heard about those sodas that you press different buttons for it to be a different drink?

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Great concept^^

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