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It's cute. But the fact that the hunk of meat that falls off is circular and the shape that it leaves is heart/ass-shaped is kind of weird.



Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

popularity of dragons? this is news to me... and seeing as how thats the entire design, ima leave a big huhwhat? and wait to vote till someone explains when dragons became popular


ummm... i'm not totally convinced hes laughing... looks more like hes in agony

herky profile pic Artist

take a timeout Ellsswhere, what I merely stated was I have seen a number of dragon themed subs that have scored favorably and that this is MY TAKE on this theme, so obviously I think this design would feature a dragon. huhwhat? Additionally, I'm not implying that anyone should vote for this sub because of dragons, I'm just trying to get an honest vote and thank people for their CONSTRUCTIVE comments.

chickens and robots

yeah... go vote elsewhere...ellsswhere

i love it!!!


nuthin wrong with a dragon

that's funny

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Wow, that is some arseome skills! Good job!


i don't think there should be a "d"...or a dragon, for that matter...i'm with cunning. pandas have that cute element, too. this dragon looks almsot...distressing.


haha awesome. I don't think I'd wear a dragono though. Like the person up there said though, pandas are way cute


Just have it be LMAO, because I thought that D stood for damn and was just thrown in there to appeal to the popularity of swearing.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Another great character!
Keep them coming.


I don't really like this particular design, as I can not stand internet lingo, but your illustration is AMAZING and I'd love to see more subs by you!!

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