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Living Skyline by vixyish on Threadless
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vixyish profile pic Artist

Hm. I'm not quite sure what you mean. If by the shadowy part you mean the t-shirt color outline, the lower half of it is shaped like the trees you're peeking through in the foreground, and the upper part is shaped like the pale green tree-covered hills in the background. So it's shaped like several somethings.

Is that the part you're referring to?


i actually really like it. $5


I think they want the shape on the shirt (as you see it from 20 feet) to be something, kind of like that sub recently with the cat outline that has the woman in middle and her hair outlines the cat's belly. I think this is a good idea for your illustration. The shape could be a dove or a leaf or...

What you have so far is really good. I especially like the girl; she's so contented. It just needs a little more to catch one's eye.


I love it the way it is, actually. I like that it's simple and not all jazzed up.


I really like the ambiguous perspective of the illustration -- are you looking up at her or down on her? Or maybe just looking straight ahead?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I love the wide-open freedom this shirt makes me feel evern though it is purposely boxed in....but the girl sitting on the branch actually looks like it has impaled her. As for the stalker issue, let my shirt due the stalking for one night!


wow i thought that there was something in the shadowy part. i saw a squirrel. oh well.

vixyish profile pic Artist

There are squirrels. And bunnies! They're just hiding.


purplepig on May 14 '07
The woman looks like she is being cut in half by the tree!

hahhaa I see it now

I think you should do something with the top part of the light green leaves

vixyish profile pic Artist

Thanks! I do them in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet.

vixyish profile pic Artist

Oh, thanks! But no, I get kind of annoyed at people who resub with any changes short of an utter overhaul. Probably I should've sent it through critiques first, but it's hard to get responses there sometimes. I'd rather just take the overall feedback and move on with other things. (In my copious free time...) :)

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