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This is Stevens. He has lived an exciting life. He always gets a little emotional when he realises that he is already on life 9 and has just one last chance to get it right. Here he is telling you how the first 8 ended. There was the time that he got ran over by a car. Then he got himself all hung up in the curtains. He got his head trapped in a mouse trap. He's electrocuted himself while making toast. Then there's the time he fell asleep while enjoying a fire. He's had a heart attack from being scared by the neighbors dog. He accidently ate poison and let's not forget when he slipped in the bath and smashed his head. Those were the first eight and now that he is on the last one... OH HOW GOOD IT IS TO BE ALIVE!


Interesting... has a bit of a Charles Addams/naive art feel to it. The bright colors are the perfect antidote to the grim subject matter.


morbid - I love it!


The fork in the toaster made me laugh out loud.


i like it.......but it took me awhile to figure it out.....

renfrue profile pic Alumni

FUN stuff

.MINUS. profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the great feedback so far. There are a lot of good suggestions in there! I agree that it has to be fleshed out a little more. One day I would like to go back and try again because I think the concept is really good and the potential is there.


My cat would totally stick a fork in a toaster. :0

.MINUS. profile pic Artist

Thanks for all of the great comments on this one. I will try and rework it in the future. I love the concept and I think that with all the great feedback that this could get even better. Thanks again!

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