Live Fast, Love Hard

Design by Landon Sheely

Live Fast, Love Hard by Landon Sheely on Threadless
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Landon Sheely
Landon Sheely profile pic Artist

A solid message, with a solid mascot. Live fast, love hard.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Amazing hand placement.

YaaH profile pic Alumni


L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Lovin' the old timey cartoon feel to this one.


So cool! 5$

Landon Sheely
Landon Sheely profile pic Artist

thanks tons folks!

Zen Studio

nice cartoon!

thechild profile pic Alumni

great style

dzeri29 profile pic Alumni


Anishaxx1 profile pic Alumni

Hahahaha, funny character, I agree with Military_Fairy . Maybe smaller and centered? Great cartoon style tho.

Landon Sheely
Landon Sheely profile pic Artist

when i drew this, i was simply picturing him chillin in a way laid back fashion and the arm/wiener connection was never made....and i know almost nobody that holds their cigarettes with their genitals, but you are all correct, i should probably relocate that arm.


I am digging this and I'm glad others noticed the odd placement as well.. Didn't wanna be alone there haha.

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