Live Fast, Love Hard

Design by Landon Sheely

Live Fast, Love Hard by Landon Sheely on Threadless
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L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Lovin' the old timey cartoon feel to this one.


So cool! 5$

Zen Studio

nice cartoon!

Anishaxx1 profile pic Alumni

Hahahaha, funny character, I agree with Military_Fairy . Maybe smaller and centered? Great cartoon style tho.

Landon Sheely
Landon Sheely profile pic Artist

when i drew this, i was simply picturing him chillin in a way laid back fashion and the arm/wiener connection was never made....and i know almost nobody that holds their cigarettes with their genitals, but you are all correct, i should probably relocate that arm.


I am digging this and I'm glad others noticed the odd placement as well.. Didn't wanna be alone there haha.

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