little Teska

Design by SandySan

little Teska by SandySan on Threadless
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Peters not economically viable

yeah, the girl makes me a little uncomfortable, like a lolita. Not sure I'd be too comfortable walking down a grocery store aisle with this shirt.


Somehow I like it!


I love the design overall. I love the butterfly kite. I agree about the little girl though. Maybe if you put more of a sundress that is a little longer on her instead, it would go over better.


Perhaps to make her look less wedgie like, you could have her laughing! That would make her a lot less 'lolita' looking... its just her hand holding the kite, but it could be reaching out like when a person really flies a kite :) Its awesome though - I love the colors!




ditch everything except the butterfly and make it bigger .... and you'd have a $5 for sure from me:) i love that butterfly!

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