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little ray of sunshine by ilovegravy on Threadless
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wow i think this is absolutely AMAZING. 5$



consider yourself $5 -ed


I hate the sun for the reasons you listed (I appreciate its light and warmth and everything, but direct sunlight just bugs me.), so I'd definitely buy this!


mmm don't like the text in the ray that much...

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

your subs are so witty!!!
Keep them coming^^


I LOVE IT. Prozac-happy and self-deprecating at the same time. $5!

fc gravy

awwww.... what??!!!!?!?! hahahaha....

that was my reaction when i saw this. cute and slightly educational.


Cute! Maybe the ray not so covering the cloud. Maybe text under design. Reminds me of the TMBG song (ok a cover) "Why Does the Sun Shine?"

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Your style always have them words n stuff in 'em.


This shirt is pretty much amazing. $5

ilovegravy profile pic Artist

okay, so as usual, my slow ass takes 349859045845 years to do anything, but here I am to finally reply to comments! :D Thanks a ton to everyone for the votes and nice comments!!! :) I appreciate it greatly. <3 always happy to find others that share my stupid sense of humor. hahah

ascorbique and snazzyninja: I can see what you mean about the text; in my original design, when I had smaller dots for the half-toning, it looked more legible, but I can see how it might look weird now :/ anyhoo, I think it'd work with the text on the bottom or something, too.

ixoyeghoti: Prozac-happy and self-deprecating at the same time. hahah YES! :D Awesome description, thank you.

fc gravy: cute and slightly educational. haha, I like this description, too! :D

maverick32: whoops, he actually IS supposed to look happy and carefree already ^_^;; perhaps he looks like he's straining, more than winking and smiling. haha sorry about that!

holly golightly: Don't worry, you're not going crazy! :) I tried submitting this for the "Little Miss Sunshine" contest, but they rejected it, so it wasn't put into the running. :/

spizzlebop: Good suggestions, and it's always nice to be compared to TMBG! hehe

kaloyster: haha yes, I am a fan of words n stuff on shirts. :D

(hopefully the stupid line breaks will work :/)

ilovegravy profile pic Artist

Thanks guys!! :D haha, and yes LongLiveQueequeg! much of my sense of humor goes along the lines of stuff like that. haha (but don't worry, I won't use your bunny idea! ^_^)

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