Little Janie

Design by angelx129

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angelx129 profile pic Artist

Ahh! This is my FIRST submission at Threadless!!

This was actually an etching I did a few year ago, and I really love her, so I wanted to make a sure. I hope you like her too. I was sort of inspired by John Tenniel's illustrations from Alice in Wonderland.

For the ink, I was thinking using either the Felt Ink option or just the regular Ink.

Thanks :)

angelx129 profile pic Artist

thanks!!! :)

thanks everyone who scored this tee~

angelx129 profile pic Artist


mismonaut profile pic Alumni

This would be awesome with the flocked ink. The image itself is a little pixelated and hard to see, so that probably won't help your score.

But you should definitely continue submitting things in this style. That couch/loveseat/chair thing is lovely.

angelx129 profile pic Artist

yes.. unfortunately my presentation on this is pretty bad -___-
it's a bit better on the model image.

thanks for the comment~

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