Little Green Monster

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Little Green Monster by RazCity on Threadless
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Looks like a daruma.




I love that cartoon.


The green eyed monster represents envy, it doesn't wear it on a sign around its neck like a member of the Captain Obvious Assault Team...


In a darkened corner of my mind, he growes larger every day. His green skin reflects the madness I possess as you walk away.

Green fists clenched in a jealous rage, bashing in my memory.
You lead me on, let me go, tell me it could never be.

Oh why, oh why, must he behold, your love, your truth, your heart of gold.
Don't ask or try to understand the power of the little green man.
He's a powerful man.

He talks occasion, clouds my mind.
The green man makes it go away.
As long as you still hold his hand, the green man lasts another day.

I try and try to calm his temper, keep his enviness reserved.
It's difficult, to say the least.
He drives until justice is served.

He's a powerful man.
The little green man.

Oh little girl please heed my word:
The green man can get quite obsured.
He will rant and ripe and spit and cuss.
He will make fools out of the both of us.
He'll torture you 'till you submit and he'll make victims for the hell of it.
Yes and just when you think the worst is through, on your mind he will begin to chew.
A simple stroke of jealousy can take a away humanity.
When Cain killed Abel, so it began, the sickness of the little green man.
He's a powerful man.
The little green man.

in other words...... $5


same ^


Eduardo is a def.


no. i dont get these designs or why people find them cool enough to want on a tshirt? cute character definately but on a teeshirt? no thanks.

sorry :(

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