Limited edition/Unique series

Design by Francis of Oslo

Limited edition/Unique series by Francis of Oslo on Threadless
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It's a good idea. But I don't think it is visually appealing. It could have some other elements. I don't know what.
(Also, I'd like it better if it was 0001)
The unique shirt idea shows some good thinking. Keep at it!


hjarman on Jan 09 '10
I like the idea but I think that the details could be worked out. I think that there could be more to the tee than there a more appealing font or color.

I really do like where this could go.... Keep working out the design...i think it's a good idea just needs a bit of tweeking

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

excellent concept!! I agree on the 0001 suggestion by EN AJUSTES, and I also agree it would be great to have some graphic element to hang the eye on, rather than just plain font. But very original thinking!! I hope to see further developments of this idea!


Great idea... dunno how easy it would be to produce though

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