Lil Something in Your Beard

Design by timbowie

Lil Something in Your Beard by timbowie on Threadless
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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

The colors are awesome and the idea is definitely chuckle-worthy. The only thing that seems odd about it is how the trees cut off at the top. :) Maybe make the design a little smaller on the shirt and then fill out the trees the rest of the way?


very nice!




cool illo, I like your style. I'd suggest finding a different tee template/using a model for future submissions (Threadless has a bunch of pictures that they provide and theres a flickr pool setup by Threadless members for use, you just need to send the model a free shirt if that design prints) because the blank tee template isn't very flattering.

outline profile pic Alumni

awesome use of colours $5


i like it a lot although the detail gets a bit jumbled in the middle, but the idea and style really won me over, i love it!

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