Like I give a %@$#!!! v.2.

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Like I give a %@$#!!! v.2. by Robsoul on Threadless
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Robsoul profile pic Artist

^ Ok Shimala, I'm just pushing the issue. In Moglandor's blog you mention that you are seeking alternatives, that's good to hear.


Loved the first one.

Hate the title, and hate the finger. :(


Well I bought 3 shirts already today... I guess I can make it one more!


the flower version was much better. :(

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Thanks TYZ, but unfortantely they dropped that version, I submitted the two variations and they denied the one with the gun and the flowers. They were similar and I understand because then everyone would be submitting variations.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Robsoul. What can I say, impressive this surely is. I really dig this, more than the gun and flower. This sooo should be printe. A 5 and buy for my biggest fan!!


this is amazingg, dono about the spray paint can but i love this 5!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

I like the graffiti theme.
Nice alternative to the finger and/or gun design you had originally


future alien trying desparately to migrate to earth or rather import earth,s major art to space (wherever that is) so anti establishment alien. reminds me of satan and God we know what went on btwn them. excellent illo.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Jeez people, why would anyone paint a moon/astroid/planetary object or any other natural element when it is already so beautiful (oooh). Maybe only a bored teenage space boy who don't give a %#^&@* would cause he's tired of the gray gray gray world he live in.

Or maybe this illustration is about a corporation marking a moon for planetary excavation and destruction, just like marking trees to be cut down. One day we'll be combing the fucking cosmos in search of oil.

Ava Adore

I can see people wearing this tee, very cool illus!

Robsoul profile pic Artist

You're trying to compare this to his work? Coool, I'm honored but that's ridiculous, and that comment is probably why he's rolling in his grave if nothing else.

I'm curious "person who has no open profile and submits no work but makes SNIDE ass remark", please show me something of his that I ripped off? I'd love to see it, post a link if possible.


Robsoul profile pic Artist

I posted my original sketch in my profile photo.

gad nab it, I hate being defensive but I'm all flustered and shit now, sorry people.If MAX2k is Daemon or Marc, I'm gonna kick your asses MoFos. LOL


Is he giving the finger or saying "come hither?"

Robsoul profile pic Artist

^ hahaha you twat... the love hammer, too funny

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