Life will never be the same

Design by Monkey III

Life will never be the same by Monkey III on Threadless
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Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

Life is changing.
This is a tribute to the guinea pig, who dedicated his life to science -- The term guinea pig is also commonly used as a metaphor for a subject of scientific experimentation.

Ow and I used crappy colors for this design cause I like the feel to it.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

second version 5$

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist


It seems like an average family walking the dog, but it's not! It's a Giant GP! Obviously the father is somekind of a scientist who's been pimpin' with dna.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

What's your problem man?
Making wise cracks about everything I do or say -- try to be more constructive... Or try to get a clue.

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni


mezo profile pic Alumni

It's really neat how you've contrasted a pretty creepy concept with a soft, sweet illustration (meaning, the pastel colors). I can back it. What I don't dig so much are the random facial features. The dad has eyes & a mouth, mom has the whole package, but junior only has eyes. Is he the milkman's kid? 4

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

Let me explain the facial features -- they aren't random. You can only see the noses from a sideview (like on the mum). I didn't show the mouth on the kid cause it didn't add something extra. Hopefully the illustration becomes a bit eerie -- Idunno a bit of an outer limits vibe I hope.

Thanks for the great comments guys (you too getaclue).

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

the idea simple and good, nice colour as well! welldone! $5


i like the bright colored one, i don't like the blues one very much


The faces are weird and I don't get the pi symbol on junor's tee, but like it otherwise. 4.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

a) M(3) receptors play a major role in stimulation of PI hydrolysis in the guinea-pig gallbladder.

b) Pi is the name of my friends pet -- A guinea pig.

c) science and math, why not...

d) Idunno, I like random things like applepie.


guinea pig shirt!


"...guinea pigs like to poop where they stand..." Argh! LOL
Too true.

I'll take a shirt with a wheeker!


i love this!!! $5


I don't really like the colours,but the idea is quite funny,and the guinea pig is so cute!Maybe it would be better if the design was smaller and perhaps down,on one side,not in the center.


The first thing I noticed was the leash...I thought it was a shepherd's hook. Made me think of how funny it would be to herd a bunch of guinea pigs. The eyes and faces are fine by me, but that leash looks like it needs a little less body...unless it's supposed to be a shepherd's hook?

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

Either version works. Nice concept!

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Artist

Thanks! -- Last day to give this giant mutated furrball some love!

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