Life is an extra tasty recipe

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Life is an extra tasty recipe by bejung on Threadless
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don't compromise ur work, no gay version!
and i like that
it can be printed on every colors


Would definitely like to see it on a colored shirt, not on white. Also, even though it's only six words long, it seems like the idea that the text puts across might be better conveyed with fewer words or something.


I like it as is. Simple, to the point, no nonsense. Good job :)


does everything associated with girls have to be pink?


Sexist, heterosexist, and discriminatory against non-male/female identified people.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

that looks awesome. although I'm not a fan of the font used for the text


It's pretty good.
Everyone analyzes things too much. Particularly "Burlesque."

It's just a god-damn shirt people. Don't think that the designer is trying to offend everyone that's not hetero, because I doubt those are his/her intentions.

Chill out people. Get off the internet and get a life. Everyone has to be so damn careful about what they say these days. You're all a bunch of pussies living in a bubble.



Even if it wasn't intented to be a homophobic shirt, if you wear it, people are going to think you're a homophobe. Also, "life" doesn't make as much as "love" would.
And the fact that you don't know how to properly apply quantitative adjectives to words offends me.


Man + Woman = Life. There is no other equation that works. Thus his text "LIFE is an extra tasty recipe" is completely true and not discriminative.
And even if his point was heterosexual sex is awesome, who caress? Thats his opinion, and his shirt design. If your hoosexual, dont buy it, don't wear it, dont vote it a 5. You have no right to shoot his work down because his shirt offends you.

You did an exelent job on this shirt, I give it a $5!

PS: Did you notice how much publicity your shirt got because of the controversial design? These people helped you rather than hurt you. I only heard about this shirt through a friend who told me to check it out because of the comments. Well played.

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