Life in Shadow

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Life in Shadow by coltonredwine on Threadless
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againstbound profile pic Alumni

I can arrange preset brushes too!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

sort of been done to death, floating islands with one tree and circles and shit as seen on the most popular wallpaper on deviantart.

my advice: avoid preset brushes at all cost. most brush sets have been used by thousands of people and we have all seen them before. it's not original nor unique nor interesting.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

^Yes, stay away from preset brushes and vector packs. Pick up a pencil and start drawing something of your own and then you might go places.


Agree with trashing the idea and starting from scratch.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni


at least you put some bushes and plants on the underside of the ground which is kinda cool.


Ava Adore

sorry but old hat. yearrrs ago

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