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disgustingly beautiful$5

Gringz profile pic Alumni

crazy 5+

staffell profile pic Alumni

:''') 5$

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Ah, I can relate. 5$


love your illustrations, but i don't think i'd wear this one because of the colours.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Undeniably one of the most talented draftsmen who submits here. Undeniably not an image many people would want to wear.
The colors are okay, but seem to be an afterthought to the drawing, like they and the shirt color weren't considered until the last second.


Stunning and superbly weird. Something I would cherish and wear. $5

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

This is amazing... and i dont know why people wouldnt want to wear this, i would wear it purely for shock value, bring on the attention! 5$ BUY

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

I agree with graye .. this drawing rules but the colors seem like you threw darts at a pantone book (j/k) but they dont seem to have been as carefully thought out as the drawing


Really great line work-but the first thing that popped in my head was that this is really disturbing- ...I'm totally disgusted XD Not something I would wear, but A 5 nonetheless ^^ Once again, really great detail!


I'm not sure whether to applaud or gouge my eyes out.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

It's superb John! You got style with a capital S my man! Wow!


I can't even begin to imagine what your dreams consist of...


Uh wtf? I'm too scared to vote anything but 5.

She Says So


all your designs make me feel violated. in a good way.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

ewwws and ahhs for this one john...sweeet!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

is it wrong that i'm a little turned on?


i agree with everyone (except for those people who give you a zero cua its "gross") its amazing like everything youo do, but not something i could gain the balls to wear. and they wouldnt allow it at school. but still amazing


Oh. Yes. 5 american currency dollars for you.

JOHN2 profile pic Artist

Thanks guys, my next sub should be a little more all to your liking. It only has one penis in it.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

absolutely incredible

there are quite a few good artists on this site and you are one of them

Balthazar Hasard

I have given all of your submissions $5, including this one.



Ste7en profile pic Alumni

you shoulda put the whole thing in a giant bird and have a worm going in


eww, i love your stuff

jublin profile pic Alumni

It reminds me of me and my girlfriend last night. Way to go buddy.

5,000 and a bought.

le_hell profile pic Alumni

nice but not for a tee 2


This is the most accurate image
I have ever seen that could be used
to depict government run welfare
for individuals and corporations.

Rick Fire

Fodona!!! 5


i agree with umbrella.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

completely disgusting and awesome! Don't listen to those 12 year old prudes up there. would look great on a darker shirt.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Goddamn you JOHN2. Another $5 from me.

JOHN2 profile pic Artist

Oh man, I'm so busted..I totally knew I shouldn't have gone into my fantasmagoric children's novel collection from the 70's for a design. But seriously, theres virtually nothing about this "Annie on the Moon" on google, I'd love to see the image I'm ripping off. Anyhow, thanks for the Alan Aldridge comparison, I've never actually heard of him before, but he has fantastic work. But I honeslty don't see ANY similarities with his work and mine...he's much better. Cheers.


That's really disturbing :\<br /> Good drawing and all, but not something I'd ever wear on a shirt...


aaawwwww the circle of life... This would make a really beautiful mother's day gift... 5

mezo profile pic Alumni

Dear JOHN2,

I would probably wear YOU if given the chance.
Your linework & subversive nature is refreshing to the sometimes stale repetitiveness of designs which are submitted.

Thank you for this.


Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

JOHN don't look at the score man.
You know this rocks!!!!


some thousand days on.... this is STILL THE BEST that i have seen around here! Glad i found it! thanks for submitting!

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