life and death

Design by asher27

life and death by asher27 on Threadless
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a little like killing tree, but different enough.

asher27 profile pic Artist

theyre rubber duckies :)


hahah, the floating duckies are awesome. love the artwork!

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ah. to the comment about the similarity to killing tree... this has no similarity whatsoever other than theres a tree and life and death are involved... i meant it as the change of season, spring vs winter. not a little girl swinging and a guy being hung on the other side.

oh, and thanks for all the comments so far, i really appreciate it.

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yeah schrosr i searched it... that whole stuck with pins vs xiv was going on when i first registered over that... i personally dont like it at all. i do remember it though, i just didnt recall the name.


i really, really like this. I like that tire swings imply life :)

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