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pickupRINGO profile pic Artist

the other night i went to a party and some kids was so scared when the clown came out, and the thing that caught my attention was that the clown was actually enjoyin it, so i made a shirt about that its a seven color design hope you like it!! print it the way you like it!! im not quite sure about printind methods!!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni


Gar0 profile pic Alumni

Was the clown called Pennywise?

Nice type.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

the spacing of their feet is sort of awkward, like how they completely hide the other feet but the type is great.
but yeah, the feets :(
and the way the balloon curls and camouflages the middle guy's hairs, i would have made it curl the other way to avoid that. it's just little things but they're noticeable.

overall good though. thumbs up

ayearinreview profile pic Alumni

Goodluck! It turned out great! $5

jamesf profile pic Alumni

love this


Great concept! Really fun design!!


great type treatment!

pickupRINGO profile pic Artist

thanks a lot for the comments yeah i see now the foot problem i missed that terrible

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

haha, i agree with Ginette times two about the feet issue, but other than that, i love the fact that clowns scare the living bejesus out of so many people, and the fact that these clowns know that are want to capitalize on that fact is super duper. Love the balloon animal type as well.

ladrones profile pic Alumni

yeah yoru type is amazing, but the small akward details killed it a little-

like your type inside the world bubble, is horrible looking.
i dont mean to be harsh, but this could be soooooo good.

please fix it up and re sub,- great idea!

an almost 5$



pickupRINGO profile pic Artist

yeah thanks i will have to work on that i put it on critique a few days ago and nobody told me that!! im gonna have to fx it

ladrones profile pic Alumni

you do really good type though- keep it up!
dont mean to sound too harsh- you know just "real" or wutevr.

:) 3/4$

phillydesigner profile pic Alumni

are these the killer clowns from outerspace!?


pickupRINGO profile pic Artist

thanks a lot!!

Skap 1er

nyce type

pickupRINGO profile pic Artist

thanks a lot!!


man i want this ! print that jontt

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