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Let's make art! by bananaphone on Threadless
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Nah, the text makes it better - leave it as is. I like the idea of him making his art with a little birdie and a stick of dynamite - a strong statement, I guess.


wow thats very scary. def not on the natural. Light blue would be cool in my opin. looks like something they would find in some serial killer's shack- in a good way. maybe a little smaller? $5 anyways

bananaphone profile pic Artist

Now that I look at it I probably accidentally undoed my positioning in photoshop =P The guy should probably be centered with the text being an addition that is offcentered.

As for light blue tshirt, I could do that but I would have to adjust the colours of his body to suit.


too much like an irritating clown, for my preferences. on second thought, hm did you style this after the "Oh no! Mr. Bill" guy?

bananaphone profile pic Artist

I don't know who that is. This is my own "trying to draw like a disturbed child" style.

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