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Let's Go Round Again by steven218 on Threadless
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steven218 profile pic Artist

I'd been wondering if Threadless would be able to overprint existing shirts, and thought it might be a good idea for the Revolution competition, since the idea of the contest was to try to come up with something new that hasn't (hopefully) been done on a shirt before.

The idea is that Threadless would overprint a random selection of shirts from stock with a transluscent ink so that you could still vaguely see the original design underneath, and the shirt you ended up with would be a bit of a lucky dip. The colour of ink could change too, to suit the shirt it's printed on.

You could get a brand new shirt or something older from stock, but the overprint would mark it out as being something different.

I hope I've described the idea correctly, and you like it. Ta!

aled profile pic Alumni

I like that this is an idea, rather than a design. It's quite different from other submissions to this comp. This thinking is outside the box, no?


clever using a t-shirt shape instead of the arrow from the recycling symbol! I really like this Idea!

AlexMacDuff profile pic Alumni

Way to think outside the box!

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

very original!

Talking To The Ground

Yeah, I give you that this concept is interesting, but the way the print things here would probably not allow it to be printed over again like you incision it... the specialty inks they use on some shirts would probably fail under reprinting, and for this to be feasible they would have to print entire new shirts... well, I am not 100% sure, lol I am no printer!
Good luck anyways!
!..! ^_^ !..!


i really like the idea. i seen other companies do something like this before. take an old shirt that didn't get sold and make it brand spankin' new!

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I'd even buy the graphic on a blank shirt. Nice job.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

great concept! the tee arrows are an excellent touch

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

That should TOTALLY be the logo for Re-Threaded. I applaud you on your new-fangled concept for older unsold Threadless stock, although I don't think i'd purchase these tees since the images would probably not blend together very well. But once i saw a few examples of possibilities, i might change my tune. Great example of revolutionary thinking tho.

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

Interesting idea, very original thinking

pilihp profile pic Alumni

great idea!

(matthijs) profile pic Alumni

excellent, you can do this to all our unsold stuff

ilovedoodle profile pic Alumni

fresh idea, i love the logo


this is a pretty sweet idea...kudos and 5$ all around

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

very clever, awesome unconventional idea for this contest!


love the transluscent logo... nice take on the theme.


interesting, most innovative revo idea!

wotto profile pic Alumni

this is revolutionary. nice idea. I love it.

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

Very strong and creative concept, and the t-shirt recycle logo is a stroke of genius!


eugh please, whats wrong w/ you ppl..."ohh so interesting, what a new concept..." looks like crap

sonmi profile pic Alumni

heh, i like how critiques like shs2455's are so easy to disregard in their wording.

this is such a greatt idea. i also think it'd be sweet to not know what shirt you're getting.

kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

Great Idea! Translucent ink!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I like your logo but I think there's probably too many manufacturing problems and artist politics involved for this to make it. You know there are going to be artist whingers that don't want their t-shirts overprinted, and you know that applying this process to specific t-shirts with different coloured inks etc. each time is a logistical nightmare.


but i would save the money to buy the actual design :/

steven218 profile pic Artist

i know what you mean to an extent matt, but i was trying to go for something a bit uncharted with this idea, and see what happens. i'd like to think that the threadless guys have allowed this through because they think it's a workable idea.

the logistics could be worked out, but i wanted to get the idea out there first and take it from there.

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

great idea but i'd rather have the shirts without random stuff on top

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great concept


Nice idea...it deserves at least a test run.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Ha, that's a great idea! I did a total double-take when I first looked at this.


I really dig the logo, but I don't know that having it on a shirt I didn't already want to buy would convince me to buy it.

Very cool idea though.


really interesting idea

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Great idea, and if it helps my first print, from so long ago, sell out, then so be it! 5$

grayehound profile pic Alumni

well, beyond the criticism of the idea, this one of the most creative ideas i've seen on here in a long time. taking the design beyond the art on the shirt is a truly revolutionary concept...call it working in the metadesign world. nice work steve!

steven218 profile pic Artist

i'm sure you do, thanks for the constructive crit though! ;)




interesting idea, and the fact that you would have to explain to people what it meant when you wore it haha. 5$


awesome idea. this should win

d3d profile pic Alumni

that's a cool idea. very Pop Art. good luck man.

fc gravy

now that's thinking with your noggin. simple and sweet, i digg it.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

"correct me if i'm wrong, but hasn't threadless sold out of every shirt they've ever printed? hence the new reprints every week?"

Then why are there t-shirts available in the stock chart?

steven218 profile pic Artist

cheers matt, i didn't want to be the one to say that

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

That's an interesting idea! I like the idea of not being sure which tee you would be getting.

SteveOramA profile pic Alumni
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