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Maybe evensay "Industrial "Strength", since that is the type of jug it is, or looks like. Yes stipple the shadow on thhe right side. not a big fan of the ring from the glass on the shirt. 4


Hahaha, good idea man i like it $5

Big Ed

I, too, wish I could read the DANGER part.


Decent idea, 'juices' just doesn't make any sense and confuses since it's on a detergent bottle. Creativejuice and NO "s" anyway, you could even do a sportbottle or juice bottle of your choice (I like naked juice alot and think it would be funny if it mimicked that, or whatever). Also something about filters and lens-flairs would add some humor or whatever else you think is "out of the bottle" design crap.


hmm. at my work, we sell Aloe Juice in a detergent jug like that. nobody really buys it, except maybe someone once a month who comes in and buys like, 12 at a time. word on the street is that it tastes like gasoline.

about the sub: i think that jug holds a lot more than 32 ounces... and what everyone else is saying about making it a juice bottle, not a detergent jug.

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