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Design by ladykat

Let the games begin! by ladykat on Threadless
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ladykat profile pic Artist

thanks for the feedback! this is one of my 2 first designs that just got accepted - it's really helpful to hear what you all think!


The text could be a clearer font, but I love the idea, and the execution. Simple is good.


If you have a cat and a dog why would you want the shirt in black?!? It will be covered in pet hair.

ladykat profile pic Artist

ha, good point chris.

well, i wear black shirts often, anyway . . . that's what 3M lint rollers are for!

ladykat profile pic Artist

hey sara - yeah, we started out with a cat, then got a puppy.

the dog wants to play, and the cat just wants him to f*** off.

but it gets better over time!


its always the situation between cats and dogs, the dogs are usually the ones playing around while the cats are always taking things too serious


i like this final version - A+

ladykat profile pic Artist

thanks for all the comments and support!

and the criticism too . . . i'm always trying to improve.

fc gravy

haha, nice!

ladykat profile pic Artist

hey hanashimonaka - thanks for the comment. actually, the cat, at least, is pretty dead-on (i was inspired by my actual cat and dog - these are really the poses the adopt in these little fights, but i also used reference pictures). it's kinda a bizarre pose, which is why i think it inspired me in the first place!


Yep, love that text.

ladykat profile pic Artist

Aw man, I just noticed that the first comment got all screwy... that's just weird.

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