Let Her Eat Cake

Design by uglyducknyc

Let Her Eat Cake by uglyducknyc on Threadless
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uglyducknyc profile pic Artist

Help Marie Antoinette eat her cake every time this hoody is unzipped.

While I looked at a lot of reference paintings to create my Marie Antoinette. I basically drew the cake from fond memories ;-)

One color on any medium to dark colored hoody.

Hope you like it :-)


very nice! looks great on pink

uglyducknyc profile pic Artist

Sorry, I didn't do my homework to see that a similar idea was printed in the last hoody challenge, but hopefully you'll like this one too :-|

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

love the technique dude, but you already know what I am going to say... :)


Wow, great design! 5

Zombunstein profile pic Alumni

great idea, love it

Adam Lawless

...............................................LOLZ! Be proud wearing one, this is killer - scored 6!

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