Legume Levitation

Design by The Jolly Brewer

Legume Levitation by The Jolly Brewer on Threadless
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The Jolly Brewer
The Jolly Brewer profile pic Artist

Yoga originated around 4000 years ago in the Far East as a spiritual practise designed to realise the Divine nature of the self. Through disciplined practice utilising physical postures, diet and meditation amazing feats are possible, including levitation.

Montro profile pic Alumni



haha i like the background too


ive been watching this through the critiques, and I like what you ended up with, but I don't like how far the can is away from the dude

DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

haha. you added beans.. that helps so much.. Great progression from your original idea.

Edword profile pic Alumni

good stuff!


I actually laughted out loud! Funny as hell 5


love this concept!


haha! wow. this is lovely.

The Jolly Brewer
The Jolly Brewer profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the positive comments. I had great fun drawing this and I'd just like to thank Bramish, Anushka and Fatheed for their help in the critiquing of this. Also Squintygirl for the inspiration for the title.

The Jolly Brewer
The Jolly Brewer profile pic Artist

What a rubbish score... You'd think more people would appreciate a good fart joke!

After all, flatulence is always funny!

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