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Legendary School Rivalry

Design by Ellsswhere

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I havent commented on a submission in ages because i havent been inspired to - this however fucking rulez!! :D 5 and buy and i also love the little dude hacking off the nose.


same concept as legendary design failure

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

awesome its up... thanks for the comments everyone, I can work on making the sux part looking better, and i dont see how this is the same as legendary design failure... but if you think so, dont vote on it
5$ obviously


the only real similarity to legenday design failure is the color scheme.
If that was changed up It would have nothing to complain about ,i do really hate yellow though, so I may be a bit biased.

do like the design a lot.
great work


if you want to compare it - legendary design failure is way better than this

the toilet paper doesnt need an outline, it looks like string right now
the background is pointless


Brilliant! $5

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

but its not historically misleading, no one actually knows what happened, so my guess is as good as any scholars...

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