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renfrue profile pic Alumni

LOve it!
although my inner monsters prolly a bit more sinister


YES ! ! ! I want the large one!

FIVE and $$$ BUY $$$


My inner monster would totally be this cute. Big middle placement $5 :-)


big middle placements got it

Bli profile pic Artist

Thanks for the great comments this far everyone!, I really do appreciate it.

fc gravy

lookin good!


Make it non-rectangular, and pick a size between the two examples and then you'll have a winner.

Bli profile pic Artist

ottr, you mean pick one of the sizes or actually make the image size between the two? that wouldn't be hard to do, the making the thing less rectangle than it is, is a bit more work tho'

Thanks for the comments and the votes!

The number of people even bothering to vote on this site scares me (in a good way) .. so many people that don't just pass through, they actually make the effort, its amazing!

Bli profile pic Artist

Thanks for the feedback, I did do the design on black first, but most people that commented in critique preferred the grey ...


I love the placement over the chest. And, keep this monster the way it is, he's great. There's no need to make this shirt "evil."

Bli profile pic Artist

almost? :(

Thanks for all the comments guys! .. really appreciate it!

Bli profile pic Artist

Thanks littleGreen .. when we gonna see another design from you?


the bigger one a more bigger =]

Bli profile pic Artist

2.29 .. is that good here on threadless?

Thanks for all your votes everyeone! .. even the low ones mean you took the time to vote! thanks

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