lazy cat

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lazy cat by apy on Threadless
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This is really great. 5


Get rid of the butthole, otherwise its good.


a relative of garfield? i think the butthole is funny...


I love everything except the "belly button".


Love it!
If people are scared of cat bum.. maybe change it to a dot, rather than a bullet wound?!
I'd wear it, but yeah.. got enough yellow t-shirts.


no buttholes, unless they are being surfed. In this case, it is not. $4 though....5 if no hole.

Mrs. Owl

The stupis goatse shirt get voted through and printed to the delight of many a teen male. I can see railing against that design, but this you have a problem with? Cute as is.

Mrs. Owl

No, I have not been drinking. Hoot!

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