Late Bus

Design by justin.castaneda

Late Bus by justin.castaneda on Threadless
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justin.castaneda profile pic Artist

Not sure what to say about this one.

While watching a dolphin show at the Shedd Aquarium, I thought of how sweet it would be if you were a half dolphin and half human...or a "holphin". But Holphins still have to wait for a bus too.

justin.castaneda profile pic Artist

YES! Exactly it's a holphin who's late for work because the bus isn't on time hence the blowhole explosion....I guess I should've made that more clear..ahh well..


yes, definitely add a bus stop sign


i think it would be even better offcenter, but i like the idea


"excuse me, where is the bathroom for dolphins?"


ha HA! I love how odd this could use a bus stop sign, tho.

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