Ladybugs are different

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Hi my name is
Hi my name is profile pic Artist

This shirt can represent two totally different ideas. The first idea is to be a little different then everyone else. The other idea is sometimes in life you just don't fit in no matter what. I guess it depend if your feeling emo or not for which idea you choose . LOL


I think this would make a great t-shirt for kids. Simple but effective. I give it a 5.


Haha ute :) 4

Hi my name is
Hi my name is profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Ok, here's my gut reaction: No. I feel like I must see at least two shirts submitted every week that do this same thing, cut and paste one drawing a bunch of times and then alter one slightly. And to me, it never works. Things just seem too boring and static. That one lady bug is draw pretty well, so I think you could do better work if you found a better concept. Good luck!

Hi my name is
Hi my name is profile pic Artist

I know the lady bugs are cut and paste that was the kinda the point of the shirt. I thought that it kinda reflects the idea that a lot of times in life a certain group in society is exactly the same, but sometimes we are a little different.

tobasco. Now looking back I feel I should of made the one totally different.

It was suggested to take off the words, that it faired a better chance with out them.

thanks for a the comments

Hi my name is
Hi my name is profile pic Artist

^ Dont take it the wrong way but none of them are REAL ladybugs their just circles and shapes on a shirt that repersent ladybugs in a kids way. I wasn't doing this for a realistic look.

But thanks for the comment.


Like it on pink.

It's simple and cute. Good for kids, but I think it might work on a girls tee too. Maybe on a light yellow/orange? Or peach?


Ladybugs do not either have more spots if they're older. The different number of spots occurs because they're different species. They do not have spots when they first become adults, but the number of spots that come in is fixed.

Ladybugs also come in a wide variety of colors.

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