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Lady In Red (Think about this title for a moment..

Design by KekeJynx

Lady In Red (Think about this title for a moment.. by KekeJynx on Threadless
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She smokin' that tampon or what?


The dress looks great. Not feeling the message. So this will eliminate the question: are you on your period? "But of course you're wearing your period shirt. Never mind."


eww tampon on a thank you


And was there no tissue around?


It's Carrie.....They're all gonna laugh at you....


canadianbeaver on Jan 24 '07
She smokin' that tampon or what?

Tonteau on Jan 24 '07
I've seen better menstruation based submissions.

i nearly peed myself reading those comments. that would have been bad since it appears there is no toilet paper around!

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

The question that's really bugging me is whether this is officially endorsed by Chris De Burgh? If it is, that could make all the difference.


The only good thing that comes out of horrid subs like this are the hilarious comments.


So 3vampires were at a bar. 1st one orders a glass of A/positive blood. Second orders a glas of O/negative blood. Third orders a cup of hot water. They all turn to him and ask what for? He takes a used tampon out of his pocket and says, "I'll have tea, thank you."

Hey it's RELEVANT dammit.

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