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man ur productive!


backstgartist- if d3d is english then that isn't the meaning, arse is jus how we spell it.
some trivia- they're also called 'ladybirds' in inglund
love the 'bird but not loving the text- i'd have to be in a confrontational mood, i can't be bothered with moods

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Too simalar to Robsouls man. Respect otherwise, but watch out, people will talk! HA!

Seriuosly, have a look and you'll what me and Eskimo mean. Nice rendering of the bug though man.


Here's the URL to Robsoul's doodle bug design for
those who want to see what others were talking about

I really like the lady bug. It will be nice to see those
six legs in the future. Might there be a swarm of
them next time?

about this design :

I'm not into wearing shirts that make
me the focus for those looking for a fight.
Imagine wearing this to a hockey game
or a football (soccer) game with wild
and drunk guys runnin' around lookin'
to punch something. . . Oi !

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

you ripped me off man!!!! hahah no I'm absolutely kidding, I swear I won't start a blog about it.

I like it, more the bug than the type though.

d3d profile pic Artist

i just got home from vacation and checked the url helo posted and it looks like i totally ripped off robsoul. what a drag. i'll do something else with the bug in future.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Not at all man, recent events have put the whole "ripping off a design thing" into perspective, this is by no means a rip off, just similar, I like the style of you bug a little more than mine anyway ;-)

here's a link if you missed all the drama:

Check out my blog about plagiarism too, there's a great part in there where the dude who created SNACK chimes in about how his sub looked similar to a previous sub that wasn't printed.'m_Not_Happy_To_See_You

It's truely impossible at times to know what people have submitted in the past, no harm done, sorry for posting so much info in your comments section.

d3d profile pic Artist

no that's cool, glad to get the background. and i agree it's hard not to accidentally knock off the occasional previous design. personally it wouldn't bother me. i'd be flattered if anyone wants to give one of my rejects another run.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

i don't get it but its very nice. maybe theres nothing to get


oh and it is a HE


thats hot!

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