Lack of Vision

Design by SteveOramA

Lack of Vision by SteveOramA on Threadless
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Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

nice job steve !!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Real funny and great use of glow ink and for making an image that doesn't feel incomplete without the aid of hanging with a friend until it becomes dark outside! I like the fortune teller emoticon too. nice work.

SteveOramA profile pic Artist

i had another face in mind but decided to go with something simple to keep the focus on the message in the ball.


for a change of pace, change the face. then it's a buy.


great idea!

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni

This is so brilliant. Love the colours

courtney pie

thats rad. i want a glowing belly

littleclyde profile pic Alumni

Hey, I like this idea for glow-in-the-dark ink - an idea where I can picture how this works on the shirt without any weird overlapping inks or shadow images that don't really add to the design. Great concept - I wouldn't mind seeing it with a different face either, but I think it works the way you have it here as well.


in the dark it the placement makes it look like a 6-pack. which isn't a bad thing. especially because it looks like a GLOW IN THE DARK six pack.


haha.. nice


1) ball should be a different colour - as 'courtney pie' pointed out, it does look like a belly.

2) lets be honest, this is a rubbish design for a tee unless you can see the glow in the dark.......

"oooh, i like your t-shirt.... wait, what is it....? two green balls with a cloak and hands......?!?!"

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