LA nevrosis - suckhead

Design by jmcouffin

LA nevrosis - suckhead by jmcouffin on Threadless
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what in the hell... dont know what that is!!!

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crazy...i'll give it a 2. like the pencil work but not so much for the subject matter.


i like the drawing as a whole...but once it popped up i immediately said "what the hell is that?" out loud. i dont get the leechy-toothbrush like appendage coming from the back of the neck and what it has to do with your reason, but its definitely interesting! 4 good style...odd design


It's interesting as a drawing, but people generally wear t-shirt designs that reflect something about themselves, designs that they can identify with. Something that is very personal and difficult for other people to identify with isn't going to have a very wide appeal. Also, just in terms of composition, it doesn't frame very well on a tee. It would be more appropriate as an intaglio print on a big sheet of Stonehedge paper.

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