la Manteca

Design by falseone

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beesneak profile pic Alumni

I don't know why, but I really like this....I can actually see myself wearing this. It's gross, but love the style and colors.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

The green rectangle kind of bugs me. I think it might fit the spirit of this better if it had a purpose (ribs? splatter?). Quality illustration skills, though.


ahahahahhahahhahhahhahahahaa etc
wow, this is really something




I love this, but would have to agree with the above comment about the green rectangle.


hmmm.... boga - that disgusting.
without the finger and insects it's nicer.


hold me close, i'm in love. $5


ha ha ha -- I like how it took me a second to understand that
the glop on the finger is earwax

it appears the guy lost a finger and he he's holding it
like a cigar in his right hand -- or is that supposed to be
a cigar ?


its gross and i dont get the point of it but its good. nice one

le_hell profile pic Alumni

man this is awesome! AWESOME!

Johnny Baboon
Johnny Baboon profile pic Alumni

well done, but too much yuck for me to wear.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Great style, layout, and colors. It is clear who your inspiration is, too.

My major discomfort lies not in the hovering wax finger, but in the cigar-shaped thing, which is flesh-colored, and held very close to a body part which is also cigar-shaped and flesh-colored....


Ha ha ha ewww. I would definitely buy this for my brother. And I like the green rectangle.

But...if that's a cigar, the end should be lit. If it's not a cigar - lose it.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

Whoa awesome and it does reminds me of Ren & Stimpy. Excellent!!!


i'm gonna ditto mezo. that cigar shaped object is a little too close, and not distinguishable, from a certain other cigar shaped object. at first glance, i thought "finger? no, weird placement/angle. oh god, it's not... no. Oh! It's a cigar."

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

How ridiculous is it that as soon as i looked at the gigantic booger finger in your sub, I instantly thought of Ren and Stimpy! Way to completely translate that idea into your design without stealing directly from the original cartoon, but....yeah, that's suren ot something i'd like on my chest. I can pick boogers bigger than that and stick them on my chest myself to gross people out, and that wouldn't even cost me 15 bucks- PLUS all the fun id be having!


I really love the style but it's a little too gross for me.


Eww! -- Is that a hair on it?!


@: falseone

Well, there IS something weird between his legs, and it doesn't look like a finger (funny angle) or a cigarette...

grayehound profile pic Alumni

prolly not a print this time around, but I give ya two or three more designs before you hit the goldmine




In french : REPUGNANT



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