Kris Blingle

Design by herky

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Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

whauhaha check those rims^^ santa is pimpin!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

i was just old skool flava flav for halloween!!! I totally dig the golden clock, among the expression and joy coming out of Santa's mouth (diamond stud included). A hoodie with this on it in time for the Christmas season would be deee-lightful. X-cellent work as always Herk.


For some reason I really like it as a hoodie but not on a T? It is to hot here in Christmas to wear a hoodie though. Very cool work though.


can't help but love your style


I love all the details in your designs. There's always something new to appreciate!

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

Man that dude is sportin some major bling. Nice illo and colors. Nice job herky.


I know it's kinda the point of the shirt, but it's too busy for me.




Wowzah ! that is amazing !

herky profile pic Artist

You can also see a higher resolution design on my profile.
Thanks to everyone for your positive comments.
jublin- "mucho gracias," I have my fingers crossed.

dacat profile pic Alumni

That one's nice, but Herky's definitely got the bling style!


You have some serious talent. Love this illustration.. made me giggle.

herky profile pic Artist

you're ABSOLUTELY correct st3ppinrazor, I ripped this off (actually "Live-Traced" it) exactly from "Pimp My Slide." I mean everything is copied verbatim, the color scheme, the style of drawing, the car model, even down to all the "Bling" and jewelry. In fact, I think I'll e-mail Threadless and have it removed from the running.

Oh wait a minute st3ppinrazor, I think you're completely confused because copyrights on "ideas," "creativity," "imagination," "inspiration" and "intelligence" do not exist in the world. You really CAN'T get in trouble. Now I completely understand why you left the comment above. It's a shame "ignorance" can't be copyrighted because I believe you would be a trailblazer. Rolls eyes. :)

herky profile pic Artist

No sweat champ, chill, it's only a T-Shirt design, not a history lesson. But I'll let you in on a little secret; there is very little scientific research that shows zombies, vampires, butterflies shooting out the side of your head and Food with Faces exist, but that doesn't prevent this subject material from getting printed. Thanks for your vote though. ;)


How could you go and copy pimp my slide like that? Honestly? hahahahahahahaa


Ava Adore

hahah cool!


looks really good on a sweater

Montro profile pic Alumni

Me gusta mucho! $5


really cool, reminds me a lot of the Ed Roth shirts from way back when, just more wholesome looking.

Big Ed

The title is clever but it's not on the shirt so you lose some of the oomph with just the design alone, even though it's well done.

herky profile pic Artist

st3ppinrazor-meknows you are a total idiot. I find it amusing you didn't have the balls to post your drivel (last comment) until after my design finished scoring. Perhaps you feared the backlash from the voting community or any sane human being for your unsubstantiated and ridiculous accusations? Get over yourself, I don't care to know you or your "boy" and if I was to ever "rip-off" something, believe me "Pimp My Slide" would not be anywhere on my list.

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