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terry profile pic Artist

"Ever gotten irritated when your t-shirt crumples after wash, too lazy to iron, or when you sit in a position for too long? Fear no more! Adopt this little cute koala and you can have the perfect excuse! No feeding or dirty poo to clean up after. What are you waiting for? "

hehe... just a weird idea i had when ironing my clothes. 4-colors, front and back print.


I don't like the back but the front is amazing!!!!


Wow, great detail.

alexmdc profile pic Staff

love the detail.


cute koala!! i love the drawing! $5 meoww meoww~~

joe quakze

nice details :)

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i don't even know if it would make sense for the back to be pulled the way you drew it - a bit too much i think.

buko profile pic Alumni

great linework!

xiaobaosg profile pic Alumni

Very detail bro. $5

terry profile pic Artist

thanks for all the comments and crits! much appreciated!! :D

the reason why i thought of over-emphasizing the front stretch marks, was actually to make people wanna see what the hell's going on on the back of the t-shirt. esp when the person is walking pass from the front.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It looks like the person is wearing a wife-beater underneath the tee.

Love the koala and wrinkle drawings but not so much together.


no need for drawn out wrinkles! just throw the shirt in a ball in the corner and that'll do the job


i love the koala with the wrinkles on one side, keep it! but not so much only the wrinkles on the other. just leave it plain, i don't think you need to be that accurate :-)

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Wow, very well rendered!


very nice detail.

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

great idea and beautiful drawing, gutted i missed this

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