Knockin' On Hell's Door

Design by Jebs

Knockin' On Hell's Door by Jebs on Threadless
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bene, porto la classe francese cosí questo dovrebbe interessare. ...(lets vede come il pozzo che faccio)

Amo realmente il suo stile di progetto, il concetto, ed amo soprattutto i colori semplici.


Jebs profile pic Artist

grazie mille (sono anche italiano dalla parte del padre) :-)
Nice, i'm really happy to see that Threadless publish a lot of our design, especially mine eheheh. I am ready to read your comments ;-)


I think the man is perfect as he is because from a distance he looks like a solid human figure, and it requires closer inspection to see that he resembles his shadow.

Very clever design. I like the monster :)


Very very creative design

I like how the letters of SOUL resemble
the features on a person's face.
S= eyebrow
O= eye
U= part of nose
L= mouth

I definitely want to see more
Threadless submissions from you.


That is pretty awesome, Id buy it.

Jebs profile pic Artist

thanks a lot to everybody: So, like helo and saffronscarf said, "SOUL" is the side of the face and helo paid particularly attention to that, that's exactly it! Then, yes, the man and the shadow are not exactly the same, but if you look with attention, closer, you'll see that i didn't invent the Monster forms, they are taken from the man, without cheating :-))) Thanks again, and i love this site folks!!!!!


-- > 5 < -- and $$$ BUY $$$

Jebs profile pic Artist

ranal>eheh, to answer to you "i love it like nothing else" in french: "Je l'aime plus que tout" ;-)


I LIKE the fact that the figure at the door is a copy of the shadow. I think that makes it a lot more interesting.

Jebs profile pic Artist

zoobiewa> Thanks dude ;-)

Jebs profile pic Artist

merci, thanks, grazie mille! :-D monique> i love you and your comments :-D

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