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it has its own style


Cute idea. I would prefer it higher and centered. Well done you!


Kitsch is really popular amongst the trailer parks and retired comunities...
I like the colors on this design. Good show.


The placement introduces visual tension. The mass of clutter to the side evokes the randomness of thrift store displays. The color choice is extremely appropriate given the subject matter - hot pink is, after all, the official color of KITSCH.


I like it...and for those of you who sensed a but coming, but, It needs to be bigger, fanatastic pink on black, and I dont really thing it needs the expalination...maybe thats just me though


Haha, I got a lava lamp and a garden gnome for Christmas... I think it shall be my new year's resolution to be more kitsch. As for the design, I think it needs more.


The dog and cards is there because of that famous kitsch painting of dogs playing poker, and it says "Welcome to Kitsch" because it's a little homage to the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign, no?

Like it a lot.

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