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Kites and their inability to accept change

Design by Skipper6745

Kites and their inability to accept change by Skipper6745 on Threadless
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the guy on the ground makes me laugh

Bramish profile pic Alumni

This is amazing stuff Skip. Keep on subbing!


what happened to the guy on the ground's flag?!?! i thought he had a skull flag which was my favorite part!


Very cool design. I especially love the guy on the ground. $5


i love it!


the back kite could stand to be a tiny bit larger, i think?

courtney pie

nah idan, he's holding hands with the person next to him


there's an inconsistency between the style of the kites, the style of the bodies and the style of the faces.
some of the poses are strange too.. like the kid, or the guy whose kite almost got out of hand.
and in some cases it's like the head & hands were glued on.
the last 2 out of 3 comments are about things that are very small - you got them right, mostly - but you might want to try and make them perfect.

i think that fixing these would improve your scoring next time.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

hahahaah I absolutely love this and especially the title!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

such fantastic colors, but you really shoulda included the back as part of your main presentation to boost your scoring up...plenty of people are gonna miss that element which really smashes this concept over the edge. I adore the colors you always use, i just wish the kites were a bit different for the different personalities of the people, even if some were not capable of actually flying. Having said all that, i say this: 4$ and i'd DEF buy this is it was printed. Nice one!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

while the illustration and style arent really doing it for me, the concept, colors and composition are more than enough to make up for that

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Yes! Love all those colors.



Ava Adore

awesomeeeeeeee $5


I really love the colors and the idea, but some of the bodies are creeping me out. The child's right arm, and his trousers, in particular. Maybe it's just because my ex has a long torso and short legs and it just stirs up too many bad memories. Excellent composition.


Ha Dan took the words right out of my mouth. Where is the kids other arm? Love the concept though and i would buy this.

manifesto profile pic Alumni

Great Sub!

cshimala profile pic Staff

coolness but that wrap isn't possible the way it's currently setup. We would have to print him separately in front of or behind everyone.


sweet score!

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