kiss a zombie

Design by Karnaf

kiss a zombie by Karnaf on Threadless
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i'd like this much more without the text. cool zombie tho

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

niceee reminds me of evil dead$$$$$

mezo profile pic Alumni

Oh wow. I love the composition, but the text is awkward. I'd much prefer to not wear a shirt asking for kisses. 4

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

i really like the zombie.. but i agree about the text seeming out of place.. ill give it a 4 tho..

vote mine if you get a chance

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Rad zombie!

mezo profile pic Alumni

...oh, that link changes things.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Hmm, well Karnaf has been here forever and doesn't seem like the type that would blatantly steal from someone else, this looks like it might have used the other figurine for reference, not a direct copy of the entire piece or anything.

Also, yeah, no type maybe a symbol of some kind because i like the random splotch of blood splatter.

mezo profile pic Alumni

If you look closely at the details you can see it's traced just flipped. Like the extreme darkness under the neck, the 2 spots under the lower lip, and the extreme highlights on top of the head. Faaaar tooo copied.

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni
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and of a copyrighted character that's for sale by some costume company that distributes these things.

and threadless has a strict copyright policy, so much that you can't use copyrighted images in mockups, let alone shirts.

parody is a different thing, but as mezo stated, this is just flipped and shopped to make it 1 color.


scary zombie.GREAT stuff...




Umm.... yeah, if it's copied, and it is, FAIL.


Plagiarism tsk tsk.


thats awsome theres a t-shirt with a pic of my halloween costume from last year on it. FAIL!!

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