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Nice illustration. Bravo.


Yeah man that is sick bro $5


Kyoto protocol is a treaty that USA refuses to adhere to because they prefer to make more money and destroy the ambient than to preserve the environment!

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

bravo! $5


Scary indeed but it could be real in few years 5$


This is creepy, but really, really well done

nintechno profile pic Alumni

Thought provoking and masterfully drawn.



from here

"The two major countries who have signed the Protocol but are not intending to ratify it are the United States and Australia. Some public policy experts who are skeptical of global warming see Kyoto as a scheme to either slow the growth of the world's industrial democracies or to transfer wealth to the third world in what they claim is a global socialism initiative."

"Some environmental economists have been critical of the Kyoto Protocol.[70][71] Many see the costs of the Kyoto Protocol as outweighing the benefits, some believing the standards which Kyoto sets to be too optimistic, others seeing a highly inequitable and inefficient agreement which would do little to curb greenhouse gas emissions.[72][73] It should be noted, however, that this opposition is not unanimous, and that the inclusion of emissions trading has led some environmental economists to embrace the treaty."

Since the controversies around the Kyoto Protocol haven't
been ironed out, I sit on the fence and wait until something
conclusive is shown.


i kinda reminds me 0f the guy from Saw the movie, the mastermind of the whole thing...


Oh my! South America in his face!
Damn... this is really cool!

mezo profile pic Alumni

There is nothing bad about this submission. It is perfect. profile pic Artist

Thanks for all comments peoples!


I think the best finishing touch would be to have a light earthesque coloring on her face; the continents sorta lightly faded into her skin

as is, its a great illustration with a powerful message, 5!


Smart and awesome. But why does it only include the Western Hemisphere? profile pic Artist

Because it only has one head!

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