King's Pawns

Design by ArTrOcItY

King's Pawns by ArTrOcItY on Threadless
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“We are either kings or pawns of men”
Napoleon Bonaparte

I want to thank one more time everyone who helped me with this design, I really appreciate it and hopefully with this one I'll finally break the curse of dreaded low scores! Thank you!


Interesting, I like the style, it has that cut paper feel to is. There have been a few chess themed shirts floating around here lately, maybe I should start playing again.

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Thank you and judging from initial lack of comments, it's definitely checkmate and I lose, again...

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Thank you so much for making me feel better and not like a loser!:) And as for black and white pawns being there, I used the chess game just as a metaphor and thought the king , e.g. your everyday politician, your boss, any person that rules and doesn't really care, "eats" his enemies but also his friends.


i relly like this. the problem i have with the lower right pawn is that the shadow doesn't seem consistent with the rest of the piece, other than that it's great



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Yeah, right, I laugh at myself for thinking this would score any better!I give up! Ok, no, not really but this sucks big time! I'm really questioning my talent if I have any to start with...

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